CyberTools.Club – How to Join

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How to join

Join the club and verify your email address. You will need to select a password at least 8 characters long, with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one digit and one special character. You will also need to set up Google Authenticator to complete account security.

Now you can log into the club to set up and link accounts with each cryptocurrency exchange account you want to manage using Cyber Tools.


Create an account for each of your crypto-exchange accounts

  • Select ACCOUNTS from the left hand menu.
  • Tap the ADD button to open the ‘add exchange’ dialogue box.
  • Create a name for this account.
  • Select the exchange you use from the dropdown menu.
  • Open another browser window and log into your cryptocurrency exchange account.
  • On this page, the next step is to create the API key that will link the exchange to your CyberTools account.


In your crypto-exchange account create the API connection to be added to the CyberTools dashboard

  • Find the ‘create API’ connection page on the exchange.
  • Check all the boxes to allow CyberTools to read balances, generate or cancel orders.
  • DO NOT check the box for allow deposits or withdrawals. That is not needed for any of CyberTools services.
  • Click the button to generate the API key and key secret.
  • The exchange will now generate an API key and and API Key Secret’. You will need to copy both and paste them into the CyberTools account page.


Add API Key to the set up page

  • Paste both the key and the secret into the CyberTools dashboard.
  • Tap the ‘CREATE’ button and the software will create and test the API link to your exchange account
  • Once successful you can select the CyberTool you want to use with this exchange account.


Select the CyberTool you want to use

Select the cybertool you want to use with this cryptocurrency exchange account.

Set up Basket Trading

Set up Risk Management