CyberTools – Frequently Asked Questions

All Tools: Do I need to leave my computer on for models or tools to work?

No. The models work in the background 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether you are connected to the dashboard or not.

What should I do if CyberTools does not currently support my cryptocurrency exchange?

After you have registered your free CyberTools account you can email [email protected] with your account name and email address and the exchange you want to connect. Support will email you back 24 hours before the exchange is available.

I have an exchange account set up for monitoring only. Can I convert that to risk management or another tool?

Yes. Go to the cryptocurrency exchange API setup page and generate a new key that in addition to tracking funds, tracking ledger entries and allowing the export of data includes everything else EXCEPT depositing and withdrawing funds.   You should never set up a CyberTools API key that includes withdrawal of funds. As usual, copy the new API Key and the Key secret into the ACCOUNTS page on Cybertools and make sure the model links properly during testing. You can now set up the tool you want to use on the account.

What happens to additional returns the risk management service makes? Can I control how those returns are deployed?

You are in complete control of how RMaaS handles additional profits. When the market drops in price against fiat so that you could buy more of a targeted digital asset, you need to go into the advanced asset management tab under the ACCOUNTS [soon to be renamed ACCOUNT SETTINGS] menu. Under this menu you can choose exactly how to allocate extra returns – reinvest everything in your current portfolio of digital assets, keep additional profits in fiat, or identify new tokens you want to add to your protected portfolio. The CyberTools system will be able to display all the assets available on that cryptocurrency exchange. 

Risk Management
Can I add additional cash to an exchange account being risk managed?

Fiat cash added in the exchange base currency will immediately be included in the ‘free cash amount’ viewable in Advanced Asset Management. The exception to this is if, for example, your exchange’s base currency is dollars and you add euros to the account. You will not be able to use that additional money for risk managing assets until you convert that capital to (the base currency) US dollars.

Is it possible to move additional returns between my exchange accounts using the dashboard?

Moving assets between cryptocurrency exchange accounts must be handled directly on the cryptocurrency exchange. It is not possible to set up API withdrawal keys from the CyberTools Club.

What does using the CyberTools.Club cost?

CyberTools.Club membership is currently free. We’d be delighted if members contributed their ideas about what services they’d like to see added to the club. We’re getting great ideas which we are adding to those planned by the CyberTools team to make this the best location for crypto enthusiasts to find better ways to make money from their trading.

Risk Management: Can I add additional cash to an exchange account being risk managed?

Fiat cash added in the exchange base currency will immediately be included in the ‘free cash amount’ viewable in Advanced Asset Management. The exception to this is if, for example, your exchange’s base currency is dollars and you add euros to the account. You will not be able to use that additional money for risk managing assets until you convert that capital to (the base currency) US dollars.

How do I access the Advanced Asset Management tab?

Select ACCOUNTS from the menu in the blue bar on the left. Select the edit button for the exchange you want to work with.

Advanced Asset Management is the third tab on the page.

Risk Management: How do I add a new cryptocurrency to what is being risk managed?

Go to the Advanced Asset Management tab, from the column to the right of the page select the asset you want to add to risk management from the drop-down menu under the ALLOCATE FREE BALANCE TO RISK MANAGED ASSETS heading. Then select the amount of free capital you want to be allocated to this digital asset with the model wants to be 100% committed to that holding the asset. If the market volatility indicator shows that the model is committed to holding the asset you can use the current market price to estimate how much cash to allocated to the asset. If the model thinks the market is risky it will be harder to figure out how much capital to allocate to that market because the price may move considerably either up or down before the model wants to be committed to a position.

Risk Management: Can I allocate all Available Free Balance to new investments?

The thing to remember is that if the risk management model is not fully deployed in a cryptocurrency investment because the model thinks its too risky to hold crypto at the moment and the market has come down in price it is easy to over commit what looks like available cash to new positions. You must be mindful that by the time the model wants to recommit to a long position the price may have moved increasing the amount of cash needed to hold a full position.

Risk Management: What happens if the model wants to fully commit to a long position and there isn’t enough free available balance to hold the Target Amount?

The model will buy as much of the targeted assets that it can with the available capital at the current price. You will be able to see this on the ACCOUNTS page because you will be able to see the actual amount of the asset held as well as the target amount for the asset. Remember to check the risk assessment of the market to see what the model wants to do.

Risk Management: Do the Risk Models ever short the market?

No. RMaaS is designed to decrease risk, not use anticipated drops in market price as a way to make money. The models pull back into cash (fiat currency) during periods of anticipated market volatility they are not designed to short the market.

What does the risk rating ring indicate?

The risk rating ring can only be viewed for digital assets which CyberTools can risk manage. It can be seen on the dashboard next to each asset in your account based on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 (red) being very volatile and 100 (green) being not volatile.

You can click on the risk assessment ring for a more detailed view of the model’s assessment.

Risk Management: How can I see the Target Quantity and what value is currently being held in cryptocurrency?

Click the ACCOUNTS menu from the blue bar at the left and select the second tab – ASSET ALLOCATION. You can see what the current account position is plus the target quantity for a fully long position.

Can I change the type of tool being used to manage assets?

Yes. Select ACCOUNT from the left-hand menu. Select the edit button for the account you want to change. Then select the Asset Allocation tab. On the right column you will see the Change Management Type button. Select and confirm the tool type you want to use. You will need to set up the parameters of the new management type.

Risk Management: Can I use the Free Available Balance for more investments?

If it is a low-volatility period so that the models are fully or partially positioned in cryptocurrency you can be more liberal in how Free Available Balance is used. However, if volatility is high so that the models have pulled back into fiat currency then it is best to be more cautious when allocating Free Available Balance. This is because when the models start to move back into cryptocurrency as volatility declines the price of the assets may be higher than they are at this point in time. You can use the Free Available Balance, but the models may not be able to purchase the full complement of crypto as market conditions change.

Risk Management: How do I decrease the Target Quantity of a risk managed cryptocurrency?

Go to the Advanced Asset Management tab and select the asset you want to adjust from the drop-down menu under the REDUCE TARGET QUANTITY heading. Enter the new value into the AMOUNT TO REDUCE box and confirm by pressing the REDUCE TARGET QUANTITY button.

Risk Management: What happens if I deposit cryptocurrency in my exchange account when volatility is high and the risk management model wants to be in fiat currency?

If a cryptocurrency that is being risk managed is added to an exchange account when model judges volatility to be high and the model wants to be in fiat currency, the model will sell the cryptocurrency into the base fiat currency of that exchange.

Basket Trading: What happens if I withdraw cryptocurrency or fiat from my exchange account when that asset is being basket traded?

Withdrawing any asset (being basket traded) will immediately adjust the amounts of all basket traded assets to bring the assets into the predefined percentages.

Basket Trading: Will an account being basket traded take slippage into account when adjusting percentages so that it can be profitable?

Yes, the basket trading model is designed to take commissions into account when making adjustments to a basket to generate a profitable outcome.

Can I suspend the service?

You can suspend any of the CyberTools services from the button on the upper right part of the dashboard page. To return the service to ‘active’ just press the Suspend button again.

Each exchange account operates separately. So to suspend all services you need to visit each of your exchange dashboard pages.

How does RMaaS Risk Management work?

Panxora’s Risk Management as a Service provides a hands-free approach to limit the wild fluctuations in value from your cryptocurrency portfolio. You provide a limited connection for RMaaS to your existing exchange account. RMaaS will scan your current position and the condition of the market. It will manage your position to create the optimum balance between risk and reward.

RMaaS monitors 20 indicators over 8 different timescales. When it identifies stresses in the market that have shown to be indicators of a likely drop in market value, the trading engine starts to work to manage your position. As the stresses relax, RMaaS will re-establish your account position in your chosen markets with the goal of getting back into the market at a better price.

RMaaS AI models have learned how to navigate the volatility in the crypto markets to avoid big swings in the value of your account, accumulating wealth over time.