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ETF Creator

Ever wonder how professional traders always seem to do a little better than you? When the markets are up they make a little bit more, when the markets fall they lose a little less. These differences, while small, add up over the course of a year.

One of the most popular techniques the pros use to increase their returns is to constantly rebalance the basket of assets they have decided to keep in their portfolios. Rather than hold a fixed amount of each asset they will continually buy and sell, keeping the percentages across the different assets constant.

Different assets move at different rates so they are constantly buying the ones that haven’t moved while selling the ones that have moved ahead of the group. When the front runners fall back in line they rebalance again scalping a small profit with each trade – effectively market making around their ‘asset basket’ while HODLing the core position.

You decide the assets, CyberTools delivers the tech

Now you can take advantage of this technique without any coding expertise – just connect your cryptocurrency exchange account to the Cybertools.Club cloud service, set your account to Basket Trade and away it goes. While we can’t guarantee your selection of assets will be profitable – at least you can be sure that the assets are rebalanced constantly – 24x7x365, taking advantage of extra profit opportunities while you sleep.